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Entry #3


2009-01-02 17:31:35 by Skatershit

Hello, Ng'ers.

Since, NG got put out with spam,
And even bigger, ALLOWED IT, and made a Category of it.
I kinda got mad. I mean, Spam is not meant to be made, and defintly not to submit it!
I kinda calld back out, and stopd submiting and animating.
But I found out, That flash can get my spare no-lifer time, Out.
And so as i'm studying for the graphical sector,
I'm going to animate back again, I hope you guys give me all your support.

Movies you can expect -

Skatershit's movie 2 - Fuck the rocks! Release : 28/02/09
Random fighting hero short. Release : N/A

Also check out my real-life skating, if you are intrested, Subscribe! !

Pce out,


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2009-05-12 13:50:32

hello ngé nigers