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2008-08-17 18:39:00 by Skatershit


Well im guesing too start a series bout skateboarding?

And yes people, My old acount is ZeroJ, But i diddent animate in YEARS! so i just start clean and made a new acount,
Well SkaterShitMovie short is out! Check it out.

I'm making more movies soon! Maybe ill even put more effort in it! Ö well ppl give me the motivation! Good feedback = Happy SS.

Much love and cookies, SkaterShit |SS|


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2008-08-17 18:44:10

as long as you don't make spam flashes like the kitty krew then you have my motivation.

Skatershit responds:

No, I'm not a retard dude.

But yeah thanks for your motivation!
Pleas tell me some ideas you have? It sure can help!

Grtz SS


2008-08-17 19:18:53

ideas for what?

Skatershit responds:

Movies, Dude.


2008-08-21 03:02:35

sweet u skate to? man i connected to ur movie! that stone beats the shit out of me to!